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goldilocks goldilocks

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This is a great movie!

While I wouldn't recommend this movie to someone under the age of 17 or 18 years old, I think it's great! The author does a great job setting the mood with his sound effects, music, and lighting effects. Some of you people really need to lighten up. I saw people who claim to be 18-19 years old whinning like little girls. These are hand drawn images. They aren't even real pictures of people for crying out loud! Watch a movie like Silence of the Lambs, or Hannibal where he feeds a guy his own brain. That's a lot grosser than this, and is everyone going around yelling the people who wrote and produce Hannibal are sick fucks who should go to hell? NOOO! This is no worse, and Em Kaah doesn't deserve some of the remarks you people are making. You can admit it scared you, or grossed you out, but it's artistic expression, and Newgrounds isn't about censorship. Some people don't think this is funny, and think everything on Newgrounds should be funny. Well, Newgrounds started off clubing baby seals, and some people were very upset by that, but others thought it was VERY FUNNY. This movie is VERY FUNNY to some people, the same way clubbing baby seals is. Some of you people have no idea what Newgrounds is about.

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